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This is going to get messy.

Before I tell about my night last night, I want to preface this post by saying that I am a smart girl and I know the ramifications of this situation, but I also am very open and honest and have been that way in this situation from day one.  In any event, this thing with […]

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OK, it's weird

I woke up this morning still thinking about how it was a bad idea to take Christopher home with me on Sunday.  Yeah, I am a girl, I over analyze but it is officially weird.  Normally he would respond with a funny comment to a work email or contact me via twitter or I would […]

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Was last night a bad idea?

I have been analyzing my night with Christopher and slightly regretting it.  Only because we literally live a block from one another, see each other everywhere and, oh yeah, kind of work together? So, here is where I am confused.  We didn’t have sex, we cuddled all night.  I woke up Monday morning to kisses […]

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My new playtoy is no more…

I have a feeling this thing with D is not going to be around much longer.  I just asked him when he wanted to hang out this week and he said he is pretty busy this week.  I said, OK, what about late nights?  He kind of blew it off.  We made tentative plans to […]

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Analyzing the sleepover.

I woke up a bit ago.  D left around 6:30am this morning, I think.  It is beautiful and sunny and I should be outside today. I realized something as I was laying in bed this morning.  I am still in the Ex sex mode.  What I mean by that is, everything feels natural and dirty […]

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So Wednesday night was the first time I had a boy sleep in my bed since the Ex.  It had been 2.5 months since I cuddled, made out, or even had been touched in a non-platonic way.  It was weird. The worst part was I dreamed of the Ex last night and even woke up […]

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