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Jim’s friends from college were in town for the weekend so Jim called me around 3pm on Friday to meet them for happy hour.  I was already out with a girlfriend and she wanted to go meet up with her man anyway, so around 4:30 I met up with Jim & his friends.  We ended up shooting oysters (funny, that is what I was going with my GF, too) and drinking beers.  It was like hanging out with frat boys.  Wow, put four 22 year old college buddies together and weird things happen.  They had a horseradish eating contest (which was ridiculously funny to watch) and got very very drunk.

We bounced around from bar to bar until about 8pm when the happy hours were done.  Then it was time for real food so we went to this pub that has awesome burgers and figured out what we were going to do for the rest of the night.  Well, it turns out one of the boys had just been dumped so he wanted to get laid.  It just so happens a DJ friend of mine from the night before was working at a club (I hate clubs, by the way) that was only a few blocks away so I texted him and had him put us on the guest list.

We were pretty drunk so we lost track of time so we did not realize it was only 10:45 when we walked into the club.  We were kind of the first ones there.  We immediately went to the dance floor and Jim’s friend Paul started dancing – by himself.  OK, so he was wasted and he smacked a bouncers ass?  Are you kidding me.  So of course, he was kicked out.  I went outside and followed him out and convinced the bouncer to let him back in, under my supervision.  The bouncer told me he would only if I texted him my phone number.  Well, I did just that – thankfully he hasn’t called me or texted me.

So, Paul gets back in we are all dancing, the club starts to fill up again.  There is a cage on the dance floor and boxes that you can stand on and girls are getting dirty here!  There was a girl who was climbing the cage, flashing, girls on the boxes just totally not my style – but hey more power to them.  It was funny because whenever Paul would go near the cage the girls would clear out.  He is super cute but for sure he was their creepy drunk kid on the dance floor.

Jim was happy that I was able to not only deal with Paul but actually be proactive with him.  If I saw him starting to creep out girls I would start dancing with him to like keep him distracted.  At one point he kissed me, which kind of caught me off guard but it was OK.

Oh, I totally forgot about the DJ.  So, this is a DJ I have known for a bit, as he works a few of the events I have been going to lately.  I went to his booth and told him that I thought about his proposition that we should go out one night and I am down for it.  He then tells me he does not think he would fit into my box, that from what he knows about me he thinks I’d be over him really fast and he is looking for something real, or something like that.  Um, ok, whatever.  He is super hot and super dark and I’d totally be into taking him home but not dating him.

So, more time passes and Paul is so wasted and it was time for him to go home.  We cab back to Jim’s apartment and I was planning to go home, but he was like just stay.  So, I kind of remember going into the bathroom, washing my face, brushing my teeth (yes, I carry a toothbrush in my purse) and just going into Jim’s bedroom and passing out.  We like, cuddled all night.

And then it happened… the talk where I am half asleep but he is nudging me to talk to him and he says…  I think I like you, for real like you, like cannot just be fuck friends like you.

I told him we’d talk about it when sober and deal with it then.  I told him we’d hang out Tuesday night and we can figure it out from there.  Truthfully, I knew this was coming.  I feel though that from day one I have told him my intentions and how I was a hot mess… so I do not feel like I was anything but honest with him.  We’ll see what happens.

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