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D just left a bit ago.

We made plans to kayak today but thunder and lightning derailed our plans a bit.  We spoke in the morning, decided against kayaking due to the fact we didn’t want to die, and went shopping instead.  We went to this outdoor strip mall area as D wanted to upgrade to the new iPhone.  While he did that I visited other stores nearby and did some clothing shopping.  In doing so, I realized I shop online too much and that I owned most of the dresses in the stores I visited.  Yeah, I shop when I am upset or heartbroken.

We went to a few housewares stores together.  D impulse buys, so that was kind of fun.  I bought a few kitchen items while we were out that I so did not need.   After that, we decided it was time to eat, well, in all honesty I think D is a boy and can always eat.  We went to a local pizza place that was nearby.

I forgot to mention I was hungover like crazy from Saturday night.  All I wanted to do is take a nap on the couch and watch random shows on cable.  D had other plans like… update his new iPhone.  I do not need to be entertained constantly but who chooses iPhone over sex?

So, finally a few hours pass and I start telling him how much I love 69ing, anything to get him away from his iPhone.  Finally we start making out a bit and I say… let’s go to the bedroom.

Well, I guess that is all it took because as I am getting a condom from the closet drawer, he is attacking.  He came up behind me in my closet, started kissing the back of my neck while pulling down my pants with his right hand.  We moved to the bed as he is still kind of holding me from behind and he throws me down on the bed.  He continues pulling off my pants, my panties and he jumps on top of me fully clothed.  We make out a bit and he pulls off my top and there I am completely naked and he is fully clothed?  Yet, it was kind of hot.

I have to pee before we do it, I know, not hot.  So I run into the bathroom and take care of it.  I tell D to undress.  I come back in my bedroom and he is in my bed naked.  I crawl on top of him and we start making out.  It’s not like lovey-dovey making out… It’s like hot passionate biting, licking, ear nibbling have to have each other making out.

I rolled over on my back and pulled him on top of me.  I was nibbling on his neck, biting a bit, sucking on his ear lob and he is biting my left nipple.  He moves to the right nipple and flicks his tongue over it really fast… driving me a bit crazy… He keeps kissing me lower and lower, on my belly, my hips… I start flinching and twisting and turning because I am super ticklish near my hip bones.  D learns this quickly and take advantage of it.  I think he likes watching me squirm.

He is a tall guy with long arms, so as he is kissing my tummy and hips he is holding my arms down.  It’s hot.  I try to move a bit and literally cannot.  He is totally able to overpower me.

He keeps moving down until he is giving me gentle kisses on my inner thighs and just teasing!  It is getting me wet, so wet actually that I can feel myself dripping a bit.  I tell him this and he just continues to give small little kisses everywhere when I am just thinking inside my head… please, lick my clit.

He moves back up and we make out for a bit more, he is still holding my hands back behind my head so I cannot move.  He is taking control of the situation, kissing my neck, my chest, sucking on my nipples… flicking his tongue back and forth so fast I almost cannot take it… then he bites… and I feel myself dripping even more.

He says, semi jokingly, he is ready to be inside me… I say, you are such a tease… and he plays dumb and says, what do you want me to do?  And I say, I want you to lick my clit.  He was just looking for me to say it.

He then kissed me a bit more around my inner thighs and finally… he tongue darts across my clit… but then he goes back to kissing everywhere else.  Tease!  But then he starts licking my clit.  First it’s long semi-hard strokes and it feels amazing.  Seriously, amazing.  After a bit he moves faster and faster and that boy can flick his tongue in ways that might be unnatural.  He knew just what to do – no teaching, thank goodness.

It felt so good that I was in my own world and I kind of cannot remember exactly how it went or what happened.  Of course I couldn’t cum, because… well, I never can for awhile with a guy…. but I was about to a few times.  I told him I prob wasn’t going to cum and I really wanted him to pound me.  He said he was actually semi glad I had that cuming problem as he cannot cum from oral sex until he is comfy.  Stupid minds fucking us over!

I grab the condom, give it to him and of course, he bitches about it.  Get over it.  So, I am super wet, I mean… soaked… so he was able to slide right in.  Again, he was on top (we are going to have to do more positions next time… ) and he put his hand under my left ass cheek and propped me up a bit.  I like that.  I told him to fuck me hard, and he did.  In fact, at one point I told him to slow down for a second because as I have said before he is a bit large and my body is not quite used to his size.

We fucked for about 25 mins and he came… Remember this is the boy  that says he doesn’t cum from sex?  Whatever, do men just say that for fun???

Of course I had not cum, but being the nice giver he is… He says to me… what can I do to make sure you cum right now??  Well, I kind of say in a lower voice, um.. you could spank me?  I think that was the answer he was looking for… and he says… Why don’t you lay on your stomach, put your vibrator on your clit as I spank you?  This boy is so for me…

So, I turn over, angle the vib right on my clit and D is winding up and spanking me… hard.  So hard that sometimes I let out a semi-painful moan.  But yet, it feels good.  What, when did that happen?  When did I decide I LIKED to be spanked?

Anyway, as D is spanking me… I suddenly had an urge to suck on his finger.  I did just that and then got it all wet and told him to put it inside of me and finger fuck me, while I still had the vibrator on my clit.  He started fucking me hard and fast with his finger and I was so close to cuming… He slowed and just had his finger moving in and out kind of slowly as he felt I was starting to contract and squeeze his fingers… He then started licking and biting my ass and I could feel the rush coming over me… and then I came, hard.  I was squeezing his fingers so tight that he had to kind of pull them out of me, instead of them just sliding out.

We laid there for a bit and cuddled and I finally I said to him… Um, you have to go soon.  Which was fine, as he was on the same page, too.

I did have a quick talk with him though about how I am not emotionally available.  He seemed weirded out maybe but was OK with it… though something he said earlier in the night made me bring it up… as he said something like.. I really like that about you when I did something, again… and I just wanted to make sure he knows where I am….

Sadly, still have a thing for the Ex. Fuck.

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