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I am, of course, behind on writing the blog. I promise to play catch up a bit but wanted to do a quick post, as something weird is happening tonight.

I know I have posted a million times how this big city we call home, is really a small city of social circles.

So, I am kind of dating Daniel now. I know I have neglected to update the blog, but we have been hanging out a few nights a week. He is really good to me and I am pretty OK with it for now. I mentioned in the past how Daniel is friends with “D.” They met after D and I dated, or whatever you wanted to call it, so Daniel does not really know that we dated, though Daniel does know that D and I are friends.

Well, tonight, a few of Daniel’s friends are going to see this band, I did not even think to ask which friends. The D wrote me an email asking if I am cool with him showing up tonight, too, with his girlfriend. Obviously Daniel invited him. I replied it might be a little weird, but it is bound to happen sooner or later and tonight might be a good night for it, as we will all be distracted by the show.

D did say that he thought it was best never to mention to Daniel that we have any sort of romantic past. I agreed and kind of breathed a sigh of relief. It is still probably going to be a bit awkward but I will just drink some beer and hope everyone else does, too.

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  1. Armando says:

    I can’t wait to here what happens after the beer starts to flow

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