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So many new men…

Some of you who follow my Twitter stream might know that I was in Nashville for Valentine’s Day weekend. Jane won a package to a hotel somehow, her man was unavailable, so I went with her. It was a nice break away from life, plus I had President’s Day off from work, so I even had an extra day available.

On the way back, we volunteered our tickets twice as the airlines were so overbooked due to the random snow storms in the South and East. We ended up each receiving $600 in free airfare vouchers, score. Those will come in handy, for sure. On top of it, we were put in 1st class on the final flight back to Chicago, though we were not able to sit next to one another. Which was fine with us, as we were crossing fingers for hot, first class men as our seat partners.

Well, I scored (sadly, Jane did not). The man sitting next to me was a bit older than me, good looking, nice teeth, no ring. I instantly started little chit chat conversation, things like where are you from, what do you do, etc. It turns out he does not live in Chicago full time, he actually lives part time in the UK, though he comes to Chicago about once a month. We chatted the whole plane ride, he gave me his card, I wrote him an email a few days later and now we chat almost daily via GChat. Oh and the plane guy… is from the UK originally but his accent is faint.

So, he is in town this week. I am meeting him tonight at his hotel for drinks, then, who knows? We also have plans tomorrow night for dinner and again… we’ll see what happens there. In truth, some of our Gchats & BBM conversations have become somewhat adult oriented and I have a feeling that as long as everything is smooth, I’ll end up staying at a hotel downtown the next few nights.

As for the other man I’ve met recently (two weekends ago, I think?)… The other man I met is also a Brit, weird. Jane & I met him at the gym, he lives in London full time, comes to Chicago for work about every 6-8 weeks. I have not been talking to him as much, but he comes into town the end of March, so we’ll see if that goes anywhere. I have a feeling he is loaded, just a hunch.

What is funny about meeting the two Brits is… about 3 weeks ago I posted on Twitter that I wanted to have sex with a man with a sexy accent. Just another weird example of sometimes getting what you ask.

Also, remember Jayson? He is coming to down next Wednesday and Thursday… And I need to tell the story of Big Penis guy from last week. This new job is kind of taking up a lot of my time, but I promise to start posting some of the last few weeks ASAP.

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