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So, in the past 5 weeks a few things have changed.  I have lost 10 pounds, I have been working hard with some potential clients doing events and I picked up yoga again.  I kind of took a hiatus from boys for a bit.  I wanted to do my own thing, and kind of was hurt from the whole Gavin mess.

Anyway, this guy Austin has been DMing me through Twitter over the past few weeks.  I met him in March at a charity event but had not really interacted much with him since then.  I remember he was cute and he seemed nice and I am not really sure why we didn’t chat after that.

In any event, he showed up to the event I was helping with last night.  Austin is black, kind of a bigger guy (but definitely not fat) with short twisty dreadlocks.  He is good looking and he speaks with kind of a deep voice that ends up coming out slow, like a drawl, but with a midwestern accent.  He is a local boy, born and raised here and has never lived anywhere else.

Anyway, after the event he hung out for a bit, helped me clean up even.  Then we went a few blocks down with two of my friends for some late night dinner and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the event.   After dinner we went to another bar, ordered another bottle of champagne, some shots and more.  It got pretty hazy but I remember Austin asking if he could crash at my house that night – oh yeah, he lives in Schaumburg (a suburb about 25 miles away, which is about an hour drive.)

So, it’s about 2:30am and Austin comes home with me, I am drunk and exhausted.  He was kind of rubbing my arm or lightly touching me all week and we even walked arm in arm on the way to my place.  So, I tell him I am going to do bathroom stuff like wash my face and what not.  While I am doing that, he is chilling on the couch.  I come out of the bathroom, he goes in and I go into my bedroom.  I put on a nightgown, leave my panties on and get under the blankets.

He comes out of the bathroom and asks where he was going to sleep, I told him my bed.  He tried to get into bed with his clothes on and I asked him what he was doing and not to get into bed with jeans.  He takes off his clothes, gets into bed and he pulled me close to him.

I was laying on my right side and he was spooning me from behind.  I turned over, put my right hand on his face and tilted my head up to kiss him.  It was nice, he was a decent kisser but he had facial hair which kind of felt weird against my chin.  We made out for a bit, but it was obvious that I had drank a bit too much, as my head started spinning.  I told him I needed to go to sleep and I did just that.

We woke up around 8:00am.  I woke up to him rubbing my arm.  I got up, brushed my teeth and grabbed us a glass of water.  He followed suit and used my mouthwash.  Good, I hate morning breath.  We decided to get back into bed and try to sleep a little bit longer.   Well, he started rubbing my arm, kissing the back of my neck.  I rolled over and he pulled me on top of him.  We started making out, he lifted my nightgown over my head and tossed it to the floor.  He rolled me onto my back, got on top of me and started kissing me on my neck.  He started by my right ear, his lips brushed against my neck… once, then twice.  I stopped counting and closed my eyes.  He made it all the way to my left ear before placing his lips on mine.

He continued kissing, my collarbone, then down the center of my chest all the way to my belly button.  I could feel the tingling between my legs and I was excited to see where this was going.  He kept kissing my chest, just little kisses.  I was rubbing the back of his head, letting my fingertips dance on his shoulders.  He moved back up and gently flicked my left nipple with his tongue, closing his mouth and gently sucking.  At the same time he was pinching my right nipple.

He again started to go lower and lower until finally giving me little kisses on the inner part of my left thigh.  He told me to lay back and relax.

I did just what he asked. I closed my eyes, laid my head back and just let go. It had been awhile, I have had a rough few months and I was ready to be spoiled.

He was very slow, sensual. He took his time, placing little warm kisses on my inner thighs, using his hands to open my legs a bit further. I could feel the warmth of his breath near my clit, and then a quick flick of the tongue.

It was different that most guys I have been with. Just like his slow drawl when speaking, his tongue was slow, almost too slow. It was like he was passionately making out with my clit, which is fine for foreplay but was not enough pressure to get me off. But you know what, it still felt good, almost relaxing and definitely was relieving my stress. I can almost equate it to a good massage.

I let him lick for awhile, he got a little adventurous and even licked the skin between my under my opening. I was kind of hoping he’d tongue my ass, but I didn’t ask for it and he didn’t do it. Still, I was incredibly turned on. I started wondering how big he was, and what he’d feel like inside of me.

I asked him if he wanted to be inside of me, and his response was that he’d do whatever I wanted. I knew I was not going to get off with him licking me and I really did want to feel him inside of me, especially when a vibrator was on my clit.

I grabbed a condom from the drawer, pressed it into his hand and told him to put this on when he was ready. I noticed he wasn’t all the way hard, so I put my hand between my thighs, grabbed my juices and then proceeded to rub his cock until it was hard. That must have turned him on, because he was hard within a few seconds.

He put the condom on, pulled me on top of him. I grabbed the base of his cock and guided it into me – very slowly. So, as I thought, he had a pretty big cock. It took a few seconds before he could get all the way in. Once he was all the way in, and I was on top of him, I had to hold on a second and let my body get used to him. I was straddling him, totally filled with him and I leaned down to kiss him for a second. Then, while I was kissing him I started to move myself up and down.

I liked controlling the pace, especially given his size, but Austin is the type that wants to be in charge, I think. He let me have my fun for a few minutes but then he said it was time for him to bang me. He flipped me over and I was on my back, he took my legs, wrapped them behind his back, and well, banged me.

Here is the weird part, he didn’t feel all the way hard. It wasn’t as good as when I was on top. It’s almost like, his dick was so big that he doesn’t have enough blood to flow to it, or something. I mean, I know that is not what happens, but it just was not mega hard.

I was getting kind of weirded out and well, the sex was less than stellar, so I asked him to flip me over, and fuck me doggy style while I put my vibrator on my clit. He obliged, I mean, who wouldn’t, right? It did not take him too long and he came before I did. He pulled out, but then he told me to keep laying on my belly, with my vibrator on my clit.

Then he did something that I did not expect at all. He put his finger inside of my pussy, pulled it out, spit on his hand and started rubbing my asshole. Then, he pushed his finger in, just a bit. He started fingering my asshole and that was it, I came pretty quickly.

We laid in bed for a bit, my milky white skin against his dark chocolate. I told him I had to get going, as I had work to do. Then he said, do you want to go to dinner tomorrow night. So, yeah, it was then I realized that we may have different expectations. We’ll see where this goes, but I am pretty sure I will not be dating Austin.

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  1. wonga says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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