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So, in the past 5 weeks a few things have changed.  I have lost 10 pounds, I have been working hard with some potential clients doing events and I picked up yoga again.  I kind of took a hiatus from boys for a bit.  I wanted to do my own thing, and kind of was […]

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Janey made me get ready early again tonight to go to another event with free alcohol. Funny, she knows that is my weakness. Of course, we had to leave the house earlier than I’d like, which I loathe. Also, this event was not close to Lincoln Park, but she secured rides for us or I […]

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Another old flame?

I spent most of this week visiting with the family and also with clients that are located in my hometown. I have been pretty busy with work, not to mention little errands here and there. While I adore Matt, things got a bit weird. I shall explain that when I understand it better. I need […]

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