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Over the last few days, my emotional strength has been tested. For those who have followed me for awhile, you may remember that my cousin was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor late last year.  Unfortunately, he lost his battle and passed away yesterday.  Even though we have known this was an inevitable outcome, no […]

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This post isn’t a good idea. I’ve been drinking, quite a bit. I probably won’t proofread this and who knows what I will not really mean to say. But, it is real. I haven’t been posting lately, mostly because I have not even been home. It seems like my life is just moving so fast […]

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So Wednesday night was the first time I had a boy sleep in my bed since the Ex.  It had been 2.5 months since I cuddled, made out, or even had been touched in a non-platonic way.  It was weird. The worst part was I dreamed of the Ex last night and even woke up […]

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