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Enough of the muff?

Lately I have had some of my twitter followers asking me to cover some questions.  Well, one I have received from a few male followers is – what is my situation down there?  Hair, no hair?  Muff? Landing strip? Well, before I answer I have to explain how I feel about body hair on women.  […]

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Cradle Robber?

So at what point are you a cougar?  At what point are you robbing the cradle? My friend and I were having this discussion, now that I am fucking someone who is 6 years younger than I.  I told her I am not a cougar because I feel I would need to be over 30, […]

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My recycling program…

In the past week, I have recycled two old flames. One I know is bad for me emotionally but so good for me physically (Matt), with the other flame (J) I have the opposite problem. But yet, I do it, fully knowing it’s a bad idea. I am not the type of girl who needs […]

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