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Changing my mind?

On New Years Day I went to brunch with a friend that ended up crashing on my couch. He is JUST a friend and it turns out that he has once fucked Jane, years ago. That is kind of funny since I did not meet him through Janey, but they are still cool. During brunch […]

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Saturday night…

I ran today, then went to lunch with a girlfriend and the plan was to take it easy.  Well, yeah, that never happens.  Jim went into work for a few hours to run some test that cannot be done during the week and called me from there said we should go to some Oktoberfest at […]

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Another old flame?

I spent most of this week visiting with the family and also with clients that are located in my hometown. I have been pretty busy with work, not to mention little errands here and there. While I adore Matt, things got a bit weird. I shall explain that when I understand it better. I need […]

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Sleepover Number Two

Last night was interesting.  Sometime in between grocery shopping for the nights meal and cooking dinner, I decided I was going to sleep with D. It’s funny.  I think we know within just a few seconds if we do not want to sleep with someone.  I am not sure what it is?  Chemistry?  Pheromones? Attractiveness?  […]

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