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Day Two with Shaun

So, I mentioned it was hard to get rid of Shaun, right? Keep that in mind. Shaun was a cuddler. Everytime I would wake up in the middle of the night, I was engulfed by his arms. It was cute, but I really need my space when I sleep. Even though we went to bed […]

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Changing my mind?

On New Years Day I went to brunch with a friend that ended up crashing on my couch. He is JUST a friend and it turns out that he has once fucked Jane, years ago. That is kind of funny since I did not meet him through Janey, but they are still cool. During brunch […]

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Hanging out…

D just left a bit ago. We made plans to kayak today but thunder and lightning derailed our plans a bit.  We spoke in the morning, decided against kayaking due to the fact we didn’t want to die, and went shopping instead.  We went to this outdoor strip mall area as D wanted to upgrade […]

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